I HAVE to let DOWN my guard

I’m continuing to receive pieces of evidence that show me that I have to let my guard down. I have to stop being distrusting of people. I have to allow the potential good in people overshadow the potential bad. I have to stop assuming that I need to come out guns blazing. I have to stop assuming, period.

I have to start slowing down. There really is nothing lost in taking the extra step to ask ‘did you really mean to be offensive/hurtful/aggressive?’ I could even phrase it in a funny way ‘I could get my exercise by jumping to conclusions, but I would rather do something far more effective…could you help me not jump for my exercise and clear something up for me?…’

I’ve come to analyze WHY this pattern is so typical for me (I grew up defending and protecting EVERYTHING about me. I grew up learning that people are mean and do and say things that are hurtful. I grew up defending and justifying my abilities, intelligence, and actions). Now that I have identified their former purpose, I can let them go. They had at one point been helpful….now it’s not serving me any benefit.

I am grateful for those patterns but they no longer are needed. I bid farewell to them


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