Eating humble pie….I’m learning to like it…

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve caught myself getting unnecessarily defensive and coming out guns blazing. That’s not fun. It’s not fun for me or the person I’m fully prepared to battle. I can’t imagine what that person must think….but I can’t worry myself with that part. 

I have to consider the humble pie….that oh so yummy dessert that is everyone’s favorite. (Please note: sarcasm) . There really isn’t a terribly good reason to hate it, though. I’m being serious. 

Think about it: you do something wrong against a friend–someone you don’t want to have any negativity with. If you refuse to genuinely accept humble pie, you will do damage. Do that too often, and the damage will undoubtedly be irreparable. If you recognize your error, though, and apologize, genuinely and with heart-felt acceptance of the need to eat humble pie and you will not only improve the dynamic, you will be a stronger person for it. Granted. That doesn’t mean continue committing the error….that would be silly and wouldn’t be a demonstration of genuine and heart-felt acceptance of the humble pie. Do your best to prevent the error….but be genuine. 

It will, in the end, feel good and improve the openness of the friendship. It’ll allow an acceptance of imperfection all around. It’ll build the love and support. It allows you a place of being helped by your friend.

It sure has promise for positives. I am going to continue working on self-reflection to find those times, as well as accepting humble pie.  And learning to even like it. 


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