BREATHE, Juuuuust breathe

In my daily journal (…that I haven’t been too consistent with this week, I will admit), I face two questions: “What were you challenged with today? How can you overcome those challenges?” For about….3 or so weeks, I’ve written the same thing EVERY TIME for overcoming the challenges: “BREATHE.”


Breathe. Just breathe. I have started to get better with giving myself a moment (some of those moments are longer and better….some are not as long as they need to be). In that moment, I try to remind myself to demonstrate love. I try to remind myself that my better half loves me and wants nothing but the best for me. I try to remind myself of whatever my goal in that moment is. But still….it’s a breath. A long inhale and a long exhale. Maybe a few breaths. But a very deliberate breath.


Breathe. Just breathe (there’s a song that I always think of when I type or say that). But breathing initiates everything. If I allow it to, it can reset everything. I am still learning the value in this…and learning to get better at applying it because its value is immeasurable.


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