Past, present, and future

So many times we’ve heard the quote ‘yesterday is the past; tomorrow is the future; today is a gift, that’s why the call it the present’ and I want to go somewhere with that.

We all can live in the ‘woe is me. such and such sucked. boohoo’ I know I have spent far too much time in that place….but I don’t want to anymore. I’m really fortunate to have the present (as in today :)) that I have. I don’t want to focus on what habits I have to break, the things that I learned that I detest and have to unlearn. I would rather focus on the fact that I am afforded a very fortunate opportunity LEARN HOW to LOVE and ENJOY and LIVE and create an environment of PEACE. I have a very wonderful man by my side to learn that with and create that environment with.

That’s what I ought to be focusing on: what I am lucky and GET to do, not what I’m burdened with to undo.

Perspective really does matter


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